Research and Development department of Avrand Pishro is currently engaged in research and development projects with over 30 specialist personnel in the field of product development, standards, and knowledge infrastructure and product quality improvement for customers. These projects, together with the production of knowledge and innovation with the transfer of technology, lead to the domestication of technical know-how in the country and the region. Establishing a project management system for Research and Development projects accomplishes quality time and cost objectives, and creates surplus value for customers.

The unit’s major objectives are to improve and innovate the design of automotive parts, including fueling systems, transmission of fluids and thread seal tapes of domestic automobiles, as follows:

  • Domesticizing of parts and collections (decrease of foreign dependence)
  • Improving the quality of the old automobiles
  • Reduced prices by maintaining superior quality for customers
  • Knowledge transfer from the world’s major automobile manufacturers
  • Promoting the level of technology and entering the global markets
  • Green technology approach to product and process by promoting technology and design knowledge to meet the environmental requirements of the world and clean air for citizens.

A number of the honors of the Research and Development Unit are as follows:

  • Top innovator organization of the year 2010 from the Ministry of Industries and Mines
  • First designer of fuel systems in Iran with Grade A Sapco Design
  • PSA approval for fuel system design
  • Printing articles in selected publications and papers at the Ninth Research and Development Conference of the Ministry of Mines Industry
  • Premier R & D 2012 in the second IRDA festival
  • Earning a single star merit (top level) in the evaluation of the National Technology and Innovation Management Award