Avrand Pishro Laboratory is the largest specialized laboratory in the field of testing various types of automobile fueling systems and related parts in the country.

The laboratory is able to respond promptly to all the needs of our customers in the field of research and development, component durability, and the issuance of technical approvals.

We can design and execute any kind of specialized testing required by our customers in the field of fueling systems, taking into account the high capabilities and flexibility of the equipment.

The Avrand Pishro Labs, with the implementation of the ISO 17025 Quality Management System from German DAKKS and the Standard Office utilizes the world-leading technologies in the field of testing services:

Identification of polymer materials (MFI-DSC-TGA-HDT / VICAT …), metrology (digital-VMS scanning with micron precision), sound, elemental analyzers, mechanical properties (strike-tensile-climatic- cryogenic), functional, aging tests (oven-freezer …), calibration (dimensional-temperature-pressure) with accurate measurements and high precision in meeting demands and requirements of customers in accordance with national and international standards of the community.