Since its establishment in 1997, Avrand Pishro has been always moving towards the development of knowledge, skills and technical expertise, in line with new breakthroughs and also towards improving the safety, health and well-being of society and its ultimate customers, and by utilizing its capabilities in research and innovation and using new technologies, has started to produce various car parts.

At present, Avrand Pishro is a leading company with more than 1000 staff and also have been active as the largest designer and manufacturer of the full range of fuel storage and transmission of passenger cars inside the country by utilizing the technology of producing single-layer polymeric tubes, three layers and five layers, single-layer polymer buckets and six layers, different injectable parts, auto sealing strips, and montage fitted lines in various production sites. Furthermore, due to the high quality of products, it exports to various Asian and European countries.

Avrand Pishro, has always designed and produced green and environmentally friend products, which are in line with the latest scientific technologies of the world and in accordance with the global environmental standards of safety. Moreover, innovative projects, including the design and production of fuel system components in the country’s manufacturing vehicles in accordance with Euro 4 standards, upgradeable up to Euro 6, replacement of rubber parts with recyclable and lighter plastic components in the system for evacuation of vapors and thread seal tapes, design and production of Polymer buckets and many more. Avrand has always been a reliable partner for car makers, with a special focus on innovation and the quality of products and services.